Arobundo Nath Mukherjee
(Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India 1950 – 1962)

The Most Rev. Arobindo Nath Mukherjee, was the fourteenth Bishop of Calcutta and the tenth Metropolitan of India.  Bishop Mukherjee was the first Indian Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan and his contribution in strengthening and reorganising the life and administration of the Diocese and the Church of India was very significant indeed in the new dawn of independent India.

He was born in Calcutta in 1882 and was educated in St. Paul’s College and Scottish Church College.  He graduated in 1914 and obtained BT (Batchelor in Theology) in 1917 and was ordained in 1923.

When Bishop Samuel Azariah, Bishop of Dasuakal died in 1945 there was no other Indian diocesan Bishops.  In March 1946, N. K. Biswas was made Bishop of Assam.  On his early death in 1949 he was succeeded by Joseph Amritanand.  When the diocese of Delhi was established in 1947, Arobindo Nath Mukherjee, assistant Bishop of Lahore, became its first Bishop and in 1950 when Bishop Hubback resigned as Metropolitan, Bishop Mukherjee succeeded him as the first Indian Metropolitan. 

Among many things the Bishop did, was the dedication of the church in Oxford Mission to St. Peter.  The Parish was formally inauguratedon 20th June 1945.  St. Peter’s Church then took its place among the Parishes of the Diocese.

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