Joseph Amritanand
(Bishop of Calcutta, CNI 1970 – 1982)

Bishop Amritanand became the Bishop of Lucknow in 1962.  He was in his mid-forties, tall in stature, dignified and gracious, albeit a bit reserved and uncommunicative.

He came to Calcutta in December 1970, as the first CNI Bishop of Calcutta.  He was an extremely efficient, tailor-made chairman of many schools under the Calcutta Diocese.  Sailing through a long agenda with cryptic, calculated strokes, he was always being ruled by his head, for the best interest of the institution.

He was a man of few words but behind that hard, icy coldness, there was a mellow softness, which surfaced only in his unguarded moments when he revealed his real feelings for people, feelings of a man deeply concerned and affected by the sorrows of those who looked up to him.

Bishop Amritanand was a man who never preached at people, but in his own quiet way revealed to all the courage of his Christian convictions.  A man of prayer, he remained undaunted in the face of unpopularity and criticism.  He will always be remembered for his unflinching belief in the faith he professed and in his calling to serve his Lord and Master.

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