Bishops of our Diocese

This 204 year old, heritage filled diocese of ours has seen an amazing array of leadership in terms of its Bishop's and Metropolitants. The names and a little bit of history of these dedicated men of God have not only been laid down on this webpage, but in the pages of History of Calcutta.

Thomas Fanshawe Middleton
(Bishop of Calcutta 1814 – 1822)

He was a noted Anglican Bishop.  He was born in Kedleston in Derbyshire, England.  Middleton attended Cambridge University and upon graduation he was ordained in the Church of England.  In 1814, he became the first Bishop of Calcutta.  The Diocese included not just India, but the entire territory of the East India Company.  While a Bishop, he founded the Bishop’s College in Calcutta.  Middleton died in Calcutta of sunstroke on July 8, 1822.  He is buried in the sanctuary of St. John’s Church. [...MORE]

Reginald Heber
(Bishop of Calcutta 1823 – 1827)

Reginald Heber was a Church of England Bishop, now remembered chiefly as a hymn-writer.  He was consecrated on June 1st, 1823.  He died on April 3rd. 1827 and is buried in the sanctuary of St. John’s Church, Trichnolopy. [...MORE]

John Thomas James
(Bishop of Calcutta 1827 – 1828)

John Thomas James was a Church of England Bishop.  He was the third Bishop of Calcutta from 1827 to 1828.  He was consecrated on June 3rd, 1827 and enthroned on January 19, 1828.  He died and was buried at sea, a few miles off Singapore on August 22, 1828.[...MORE]

John Matthew Turner
(Bishop of Calcutta 1829 -1832)

Consecrated on May 17, 1829Enthroned December 10, 1829.  Died July 7, 1831 and buried in the churchyard of St. John’s Cathedral, Calcutta 

Rev. John Matthew Turner, previous to his appointment as the fourth Bishop of Calcutta, was the Rector of Willslow, in Cheshire and Prebendary of Lincoln. [...MORE]

Daniel Wilson
(Bishop of Calcutta 1832 – 1835, Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India 1835 – 1858)

Daniel Wilson, the fifth Bishop of Calcutta and the first Metropolitan of India was called from his outstanding work as Vicar of Islington to India when over fifty years of age.  It was a courageous step for a man of Wilson’s age to take, and he rightly resolved to take responsible precautions to stay alive in order to serve the Church. [...MORE]

George Edward Lynch Cotton
(Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India 1858 – 1867)

George Edward Lynch Cotton was an educator and churchman, renowned for his connections with the British India and the public school system. [...MORE]

Robert Milman
(Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India 1867 – 1876)

Bishop Milman the seventh Bishop of Calcutta was a great evangelist.  Robert Milman, who succeeded Bishop Cotton was great as an educationist, he was equally great as an evangelist.  Some missionary Bishops have won great reputation as organisers of work, as builders of Churches, as educationists and linguists, but with Robert Milman it was preaching of the living Word, which absorbed almost the whole of his attention. [...MORE]

Edward Ralph Johnson
(Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India 1876 – 1898)

Bishop Milman’s Successor as Metropolitan of India and eighth Bishop of Calcutta was Edward Ralph Johnson, the Archdeacon of Warrington.  It is greatly to be regretted that no memoir has ever been written of his long and faithful Episcopate. [...MORE]

James Edward Cowell Welldon
(Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India 1898 – 1901)

Bishop Johnson was succeeded by Rev. James Edward Cowell Welldon as the ninth Bishop of Calcutta.  He was the former Headmaster of Harrow – a fine scholar, a brilliant preacher and a leading educationist.  It was hoped by many that he would prove a second Bishop Cotton and carry forward Christian education, especially in our Anglo-Indian schools. [...MORE]

Reginald Stephen Copleston
(Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India 1902 – 1913)

He was translated and enthroned Bishop of Calcutta on May 14, 1902.  He retired on January 25, 1913 and died at Putney in England on April 19, 1925

Bishop Welldon was duly succeeded by Reginald Stephen Copleston, who had been Bishop of Colombo for a long stint of twenty-seven years. [...MORE]

George Alfred Lefroy DD
(Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India 1913 – 1919)

He was offered the post of Bishop of Chota Nagpur in 1890 but refused it.  He was consecrated Bishop of Lahore in November 1ts, 1899 at the Lahore CathedralTranslated and enthroned Bishop of Calcutta on February 19, 1913Died on January 1st, 1919 in the close of the Calcutta Cathedral. [...MORE]

Foss Westcott DD
(Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India 1919 – 1945)

Westcott was the son of a distinguished clergyman, Brooke Ross and was educated at Cheltenham College and Peterhouse, Cambridge.  Ordained in 1887, his first post was as curate of St. Peter’s Church, Wermouth.  Emigrating to India he was a missionary with the SPG before ascending to the episcopate as Bishop of Chota Nagpur in 1905Translated to Calcutta in 1919, he served as Metropolitan of India, Burma and Ceylon until 1945. [...MORE]

George Clay Hubback
(Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India 1945 – 1950)

The Most Rev. George C. Hubback, was the thirteenth Bishop of Calcutta and the ninth Metropolitan of India.  He was the youngest among three brothers who came from a very illustrious family and their contribution to the varied professions they chose individually is worth remembering. [...MORE]

Arobundo Nath Mukherjee
(Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India 1950 – 1962)

The Most Rev. Arobindo Nath Mukherjee, was the fourteenth Bishop of Calcutta and the tenth Metropolitan of India.  Bishop Mukherjee was the first Indian Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan and his contribution in strengthening and reorganising the life and administration of the Diocese and the Church of India was very significant indeed in the new dawn of independent India. [...MORE]

H. Lakdasa J. Del Mel
(Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India 1962 – 1970)

In 1945, Lakdasa De Mel was consecrated as Assistant Bishop of Colombo.  After Oxford, Caddesdon and a curacy at St. John the Divine Kennington he served for a notable twenty years as a mission priest in the Baddegama district.  In 1950 he became the first Bishop of the new Diocese of KurunagalaHe became the Metropolitan of India in 1963. [...MORE]

Joseph Amritanand
(Bishop of Calcutta, CNI 1970 – 1982)

Bishop Amritanand became the Bishop of Lucknow in 1962.  He was in his mid-forties, tall in stature, dignified and gracious, albeit a bit reserved and uncommunicative. [...MORE]

Dinesh Chandra Gorai
(Bishop of Calcutta, CNI 1982 – 1999)

Bishop Dr. D. C. Gorai was appointed as the first Bishop of the CNI with its inauguration in 1970.  He was born in Sarenga in the District of Bankura, West Bengal on January 15, 1934.  After completing his school education, he took admission in Bankura Christian College and graduated from there. [...MORE]

P. Samuel P. Raju
(Bishop of Calcutta, CNI 1999 – 2008)

Bishop Samuel Raju was born in a presbyter’s family.  After school and college, he qualified as a school teacher and begun his career teaching in a Government school.  After a conversion experience, Bishop Raju received the call to serve the Lord and he obeyed and went to Bishop’s College.  He was ordained as Presbyter in 1947 and he served as a Bishop from 1999 to 2008. [...MORE]

Ashoke Biswas
(Bishop of Calcutta, CNI 2008 – 19th August 2018)

A son of the soil”, remarked Bishop D. C. Gorai.  Indeed it is so as Bishop Ashoke is the first city boy and a “son of the soil” to take charge of this episcopate as Bishop of Calcutta in June 2008.  His father, Mr. Harsho Biswas, originally from Ballarpur, Nadia, now in Bangladesh (the then East Bengal) and his mother, Mrs. Aroti Biswas is from Barisal (in Bangladesh).  They are settled in Kolkata.  Bishop has a brother and four sisters[...MORE]

Probal Kanto Dutta
(Bishop of Calcutta, CNI 2018 – )

On September 10, 2003, The Revd. Probal Kanto Dutta was elected as the Bishop of the Diocese of Durgapur and was installed on September 21, 2003.  Bishop Dutta was born on December 06, 1960. After graduation, he  joined in Bishop's College, Kolkata to undergo the  Bachelor of Divinity studies. He secured a Post graduate degree in Mission Studies from Birmingham University, UK. He was ordained as a Presbyter in the Diocese of Calcutta in March 1992 [...MORE]