There are more than 35 churches/ parishes under the Diocese of Calcutta, which carry forward the ministerial work of the Diocese. The are briefly described as follows:

Bhowanipore Congregational Church

43, Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani (Elgin Road), Kolkata – 700 020. | +91-33-2475 2446

Bhowanipur Congregational Church, formerly called LMS Church, was established by the London Missionary Society.  The Society also set up the LMS Institution, which was given the status of College by Calcutta University. [...MORE]

Chinsurah Church

Ghorir More, P.O. Chinsurah, Dist. Hooghly – 712101. | +91-33-2680 4112

The Chinsurah Church, located in the heart of the Chinsurah town was founded in 1825.  It was earlier called the Free Church and belonged to UCNI (United Church of North India) before the church union. [...MORE]

Christ Church – Lilluah


Christ Church

182-B, Bidhan Sarani, Kolkata – 700 006. | +91-33-2219 7152

The Christ Church is a historical church built by Bishop Wilson and dedicated in 1839.  The first Presbyter-in-Charge of this church was Rev. Krishna Mohan Banerjee and he served this Church from 1839 to 1852.  The church is situated in Bidhan Sarani previously known as Cornwallis Street.  The Church is the oldest in this area in Kolkata.  [...MORE]

Church of the Epiphany

Thakurpukur, Kolkata – 700063. | Tel: +91-33-2453 4133

Church of the Epiphany, in Thakurpukur, in South Kolkata belongs to the Oxford Mission.  It is one of the branches of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Epiphany in India and Bangladesh.  In the year 1863, Rev. J. Headerling a CMS missionary established this Church, which was known as the “Thakurpukur Mission”. [...MORE]

CNI Wesleyan Church

15, Sudder Street, Kolkata – 700 016. | +91-33-2249 1457

The Sudder street Church was formerly known as the Wesleyan Methodist Church and is now renamed as C.N.I. Wesleyan Church. Sometime in 1862 Rev. James Broodbent, who was the Chaplain at Fort William and a Wesleyan Methodist missionary, contemplated the erection of a Chapel in Sudder Street. [...MORE]

Duff Church

127, Manicktolla Street, Kolkata – 700 006. | +91-33-2350 1361

The Duff Church was established in 1848 and named as Duff Church in 1910 in memory of Alexander Duff.

Alexander Duff was the first Scottish Missionary  [...MORE]

Emmanuel Church

Vill. & PO. Krishnapur, Dist. 24 Parganas, Near Krishnapur Mission Bazaar, Kolkata – 700102. | +91-33-2571 4394

Emmanuel Church was established by a LMS Missionary Rev. Gogerly in the year 1829.  The decision was taken at the vestry of Union Chapel (Lenin Sarani).  In the year 1806 some Portuguese merchants were coming to Kestopur, [...MORE]

Holy Trinity Church

33-B, Amherst Street, Kolkata –700 009. | +91-33-2350 0660

The Ven’ble Archdeacon Corrie, who became the Bishop of Madras, founded the Holy Trinity Church. He came to India as A Chaplain in 1806. In 1820, on the recommendation of Mr. Pratt, the then Secretary of the Church Missionary Society, the Calcutta Committee purchased an estate in Mirzapore (Amherst Street) with Rs 20,400/-. [...MORE]

Kolagachia Jibon Jyoti Church


Nahazari CNI Church


Osmond Memorial Church

56-B, S N Banerjee Road, Kolkata – 700 014. | +91-33-22497073

Osmond Memorial Church, formerly known as the Wesleyan Methodist Church, was founded in 1868.  Walter Osmond, a Methodist minister came to Kolkata in 1864 at the age [...MORE]

PG Hospital Chapel

PG Hospital Chapel is an old chapel associated with the healing ministry of the Presidency General Hospital, which was started by the sisters of the community of St. John the Baptist Clewer.  There were an Anglican order of Nuns/ Sisters who worked in Calcutta and remained associated with Pratt Memorial School, St. John’s Diocesan School and St. Michael’s School, Darjeeling. [...MORE]

Probhu Jishur Mondir – CNI


Sadhu Sundar Singh Girja

Worship Service Timing: 8:30 am-10:00 am (Sunday)

Serampore- Johnnagar Baptist Church (CNI)

7, William Carey Road, Serampore – 712 201.

Serampore- Johnnagar Baptist Church, formerly the Carey Baptist Church was founded by Rev. Dr. William Carey in the year 1880. William Carey, Ward and Marshman lived in the parsonage of this church. The river Ganges flows in front of the church. One portion of the church housed his press for printing purpose. [...MORE]

St. Andrew’s Church and Calcutta Hill Christians Church

15, B. B. D.  Bagh (N), Kolkata – 700 001. | +91-33-2230 1994

Calcutta’s streets seldom generate the feeling that ours is or was a planned city, but this is not so when riding or walking northwards along the Red Road.  The handsome Grecian building of St. Andrew’s Church with a slender spire seems to be located strategically to welcome the traveller at the end of his journey. [...MORE]

St. Barnabas’ Church

On 19th June 1863, The then Bishop of Calcutta, George Edward Lynch Cotton wrote a letter to Sir William Dent working in the Bengal Civil Service, suggesting the establishment of a native Christian Church and a school at Kidderpore, emphasising the teaching of English at the school.  This is how St. Barnabas church became a reality. [...MORE]

St. George’s Church

38 B, Ananda Palit Road, Kolkata – 700 014.

During the third decade of the twentieth century the then priest of St. Saviour’s Church (an Anglican Bengali speaking church) of the Diocese of Calcutta, Rev. Kunja Behari Ghosh noticed that a good number of Bengali speaking members of the church resided at the opposite side of Lower Circular Road and Entally. [...MORE]

St. James’ Church – AJC Bose Road

167, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata – 700 014. | +91-33-2284 7483

It may interest readers to know that the present large and dignified church was built to replace an older one of the same name, which was situated in Nebutolla Lane, near Amherst Street. [...MORE]

St. James’ Church – Baranagar

13, Kashinath Dutta Road, Kolkata – 700 036. | +91-33-6510 3818

The St. James’ Church was conceptualised to cater to the spiritual needs of the local people of Baranagar.  It is now under the Diocese of Calcutta, Church of North India but has a CMS background.  Started by the ‘Janana Mission’ (Ladies Mission), the church has celebrated its centenary God’s blessings. [...MORE]

St. John’s Church

2/2, Council House Street, Kolkata – 700 001. | +91-33-2243 6098

St. John’s Church majestically stands a little back from the road at the corner of Council House Street and Hastings Street.  Silence dominates the premises even during the noisy office hours.  Ah, the frangipanis! [...MORE]

St. Luke’s Church – Bosekati


St. Mark’s Church

42, Sankaritolla Street, Kolkata – 700 014.

This church founded by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in 1900 was under the Episcopal Church of England.  At the beginning of the 19th century the Christian believers from the villages of Nadia District, namely Ratanpur, Balarampur, Kapasdanga, Meherpur came to Kolkata in search of livelihood and started living in [...MORE]

St. Mary’s Church

45, Elgin Road, Kolkata – 700 020. | +91-33-6539 2990

St. Mary’s Church is well known as Bengali Cathedral.  After building St. Paul’s Cathedral, Bishop Daniel Wlison, the first Metropolitan of India, created a Trust Fund, which he named the St. Paul’s Cathedral Endowment Fund.  [...MORE]

St. Olave’s Church

The story of St. Olave’s Church in Serampore is the story of the Danish connection with Serampore. On 6th September 1755 Serampore, which was a village at that time on the western bank of the river Hooghly, was selected for a new Danish settlement. [...MORE]

St. Pauls Cathedral

1A, Cathedral Road, Kolkata – 700 071. | +91-33-22230127 / 22232802

In 1762, tigers roamed the jungles where today stands St. Paul’s Cathedral.  As late as in 1839, when the decision was taken to build the Cathedral near what was then known as “Fives Court”[...MORE]

St. Peter’s Church

Biren Roy Road (West), Barisha, Kolkata – 700 008.

St. Peter’s Church was a chapel for UTS (United Theological School) under the Oxford Mission in 1947.  The Oxford Mission felt that there should be a church to cater to the needs of the local congregation, so the Rev. Carleton took the initiative to start St. Peter’s Church inside the Oxford Mission compound in Barisha. [...MORE]

St. Saviour’s Tamil Church and St. Saviour’s Hindi Church

9, Haji Mohammad Mohsin Square, Kolkata – 700 016. | (Hindi Cong.) +91-33-2454 0450 | (Tamil Cong.) +91-33-2217 2636

As one walks through the sea of humanity on Alimuddin Street, one cannot escape the majestic structure of St. Saviour’s Church.  A place of worship for the growing Tamil community, this one hundred and fifty year old church is the only Tamil Church in the city.  [...MORE]

St. Stephen’s Church

3, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata – 700 023. | +91-33-2479 3628

The foundation stone of this Anglican Church was laid on 6th January 1844, by the Governor General along with the Venerable Archdeacon and Rev. Thomas.  The Church was consecrated in 1846.  [...MORE]

St. Thomas’ Chapel – Bishop’s College, Kolkata

Bishop's College, 224 A. J. C. Bose Road, P. O.: Circus Avenue, Kolkata - 700 017 | +91-33-2287 2779

Though founded on the 15th of December, 1820, yet Bishop’s College did not come to its present location at 224 Lower Circular (now Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose) Road until 1883.  The Principal, at the time of this move into the new campus, was Henry Whitehead, [...MORE]

St. Thomas’ Church – Howrah

3, Church Road, Howrah – 711 101. | +91-33-2641 4554

St Thomas’ Church, which was erected in 1830, owes its establishment mainly to the exertions of Rev. Professor Holmes of the East India Company. He was also the Principal of the Bishop’s College and wished to provide a place of worship for the local populace. [...MORE]

St. Thomas’ Church – Mirza Galib Street

9, Mirza Ghalib Street, Kolkata – 700 087. | +91-33-2252 3973

The story of St. Thomas’ Church is bound up with that of old Calcutta Free School, now known as St. Thomas’ School (situated presently in Kidderpore).  In 1830 Bishop Turner first proposed to build a church in the school compound and his suggestion was adopted. [...MORE]

Union Chapel

[Official Website of Union Chapel]

137, Lenin Sarani, Kolkata – 700 013. | +91-33-2246 1684

In 1816 a small group of dedicated believers began to meet and worship regularly at 43, Dharmtalla Street and subsequently in 1821 the Union Chapel at 137, Lenin Sarani [...MORE]