Chinsurah Duff High School (H.S.)

Rev. Dr. Alexander Duff founded “The Free Mission Institute” at Chinsurah in 1849 with a handful of boys.  Rev. Dr. Mackay, D. D. L. L. D joined the school with Rev. E. Miller.  The responsibility of teaching the students at that time was spontaneously taken over by the founders.  The School was run without charging any fee to the students.  Naturally, the news of free teaching spread even to the distant villages.  Boys began to flock to this institution in numbers to get themselves admitted.

The School was so popular that, in a year the enrolment swelled nearly to 500.  Though it was a free institution, the teachers, both Europeans and the Indians, were paid handsome remuneration as salary.  In 1900 the school was renamed ‘United Free Church Institute’ and in 1914United Free Church Mission High School’.  In 1928 its was named in the memory of Rev. Dr. Alexander Duff, Chinsurah Duff High School.

At present Chinsurah Duff High School is a XII-class school having three streams at the H.S. section – Science, Arts and Commerce with roll strength of about 600 from V to XII and a faculty of 30 qualified and efficient teachers.

Missionaries and scholars like Rev. W. S Mackay, Rev. Elenezer Millar, Rev. W. C. Fyfe, Rev. J. S Beaumont, Rev. K. N. De, Mr. P. N. Nag became the principals of this esteemed institution.  Great teachers like Mr. S. C. Dey, Mr. S. N. Bose, Mr. P. Chakraborty and Mr. L. K. Chakraborty served this school as the Headmasters in different times.  Chinsurah Duff High School stands still with its past glory and heritage and adheres to its aims and objectives in spreading the light of knowledge in this region. 

Thousands of bright luminaries of this historic institution are well established in different spheres of life in the country and abroad.  Mr. Trailokyanath Mukherjee (noted literate), Dr. Pijush Kanti Som (scientist), Dr. Dipakrag Basu (professor), Dr. Dipak Halder(IPS), Mr. Jayanta Chakraborty (journalist), Dr. Chanchal Sengupta (surgeon), Dr. Kajal Mukherjee, Dr. Kartik Chandra Ghosh (physicians), Dr.Biplab Mondal (professor), Dr. Joydeep Neogi(physician) are only a few to be named.

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