St. Margaret's School

In the good olden days some enterprising Christian missionaries from Scotland under the leadership of the great Alexender Duff had started educational institution for the people of Bengal.

St. Margaret’s School was started in the year 1871 exactly 125 years ago by the Scottish Missionaries who came from Scotland and had formed a Scottish Ladies Association.  It was like the voice of the spring in a winter month when women’s education in India was still in its cradle and frowned upon by the middle class majority.  The fire of the Bengal Renaissance was however spreading fast. 

The School began with only twenty children but later it blossomed into a leading academic institution for girls of North Calcutta.

The original school building is now occupied by the Duff Hostel and the Primary Section of the Scottish Church Collegiate School.

Some years later the campus of St. Margaret’s School was shifted to 19, Duff Street, its present location.  This existing school building was completed on 16th November, 1899 by Ms. E. White, the then head of the institution.

The School got its recognition by the University of Calcutta in the year 1902 and started running successfully under the guidance of Ms. White.

This well reputed institution is one of the oldest girls schools situated in North Calcutta.  The school has always tried to educate the girls of the locality coming from the middle class irrespective of caste and creed to make them worthy and useful citizens of the country to prepare them for their future responsibilities at home and in public life and thus to take their rightful place to serve the country in their onward march today.

The school also has an attached hostel, which accommodates about seventy students at present.  The Hostel facility is availed of mostly by students coming from broken families.

The school offers some extracurricular activities like organising dramatics, recitation dance, games and Guide & Bulbul (Junior Guide).

It should be mentioned here that in spite of many ups and downs the school has always maintained a very good standard of education.  It produces a cent percent academic result every year in the Public Examinations.  Some students have also received the National Scholarship.

The school celebrated its 125th Birth Anniversary in 1996.  It was indeed a memorable milestone in the life of this institute to overcome a 125 years of trials and triumph.  The school feels grateful to the ladies of Scotland for their sincere and dedicated service towards the school.  The schools believes that the good work it has been doing in the past will be continued in future as it grows from strength to strength preparing citizens dedicated to the nation.  May the almighty God continue to bestow His blessings on the school, its staff, students, parents, guardians, patrons and all who pray and care for the good of the school.

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